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Cuddy : Um... France. And not Paris or the Rivera, but there's this place in Normandy. It's on a... a tidal island. Everyone who's not staying in one of the small inns has to leave before the tide comes in. You have this 900-year-old fortress all to yourself. It's called...

House : Mont Saint-Michel?

Cuddy : That's it. Have you been there?

House : Nope. But I got a pretty good idea what it looks like. [He turns the computer toward her, taps a button and the screen is filled with a picture of Mont Saint-Michel.]

Cuddy : H–how did you know?

House : You used to have a picture of it as a screensaver.

Cuddy : That was years ago.

House : I guess it's a memorable place. [turns the computer toward himself again] Now, unfortunately, we can't fly straight to Normandy, but the layover in London's only a couple of hours.

Cuddy : What are you talking about?

House : It's all there. [shows her a screen of travel information] All you gotta do is click confirm, and we're eating croissant and being insulted by stinky people this time tomorrow. Don't worry. I used Wilson's credit card.

Cuddy : I can't.

House : I'm kidding. I used your credit card.

Cuddy : House...

House : The hospital does not need your body. I do.

Cuddy : So does my daughter.

House : Well, she can come too. Or to grandmother's house she can go.

Cuddy : This is crazy.

House : [His face starts to get the closed, guarded look it usually has.] break off your engagement, but you won't adjust your schedule.

Cuddy : I can't. Not... tomorrow. But... two weekends from now. If Rachel's gonna stay with my mom, I'm gonna need a little bit of prep time.

House : [His face softens and he smiles slightly.] Okay.

Now What?, S7

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