Cuddy: Get out of my chair. And the answer is no.

House: You ever noticed how many porn sites have "mom" in the domain name? Hot moms, hungry moms, mature moms. That ought to make you feel pretty good.

[Cuddy pushes his feet off her desk and closes her laptop]

Cuddy: What do you want?

House: Looks like boils, altered mental status, and heart failure was caused by renal cell carcinoma. (handing her a form) I need your signature to start treating it with malaria. Don't worry, I'm giving him chemo too.

Cuddy: What is your sudden obsession with malaria?

House: Just trying to play my part cutting costs. Malaria is the simplest, cheapest method of delivering hypothermia.

Cuddy: Right. The only money you care about – You bet someone you could use malaria as a diagnostic tool?

House: That doesn't sound like me.

Cuddy: Forget it.

House: Okay, let me see if I've got this straight, a bet that puts one patient at minor risk is juvenile?

Cuddy: And irresponsible and dangerous.

House: But going all-in against Atlanticnet –

Cuddy: Is not a bet. That is a carefully considered negotiating position.

House: (putting the form on her desk) I'm gonna put this in your inbox. I just hope it doesn't get lost underneath all the other stuff you're carefully considering.

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