In January, I asked House fanfic writers to choose their favorite stories that they themselves had written!  Their stories cover every pairing, every genre, every topic you can imagine.  Each pairing has its own category, including threesomes.  General has its own category. This link has been neglected.  So for folks hungry for House fic, here is the first link:

It contains work by taiga13, blackmare, menolly_au, brighidsfire, flywoman, hughville and many more!  Especially fun to read are the chain fics, each chapter written by a different writer: "Gangster's Paradise," and "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

The second link:

It contains work by jezziejay, christikat, cuddyclothes, deelaundry, chocolate_frapp, bmax67 and again, many others.

For some reason I don't think srsly_yes submitted a fic, unless I'm reading the list incorrectly.


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