Kutner: Could be an aneurysm. We've got to control her blood pressure. Start her on a calcium channel blocker.

Chase: Or… you could tell House.

Kutner: I can't tell House.

Cameron: You'll be in trouble. On the other hand, she's sick.

Kutner: She's singing.

Chase: And bleeding out of her ears, and losing her hair. And an aneurysm doesn't explain her joint pain.

Kutner: Wilson's disease does.

Cameron: No Kayser-Fleischer rings.

Kutner: Anorexia.

Chase: Now you're just desperate.

Kutner: Biliary tumor causing paraneoplastic syndrome.

Chase: That might actually fit. I'll scan to confirm.

Kutner: You'd do that for me?

Chase: You don't have the time. Which means I can ask for 25% of your income and you'll give it to me.

Let Them Eat Cake, S5

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