Cuddy: He has Streptobacillosis.

Cameron: Rat bite fever.

House: Boogy, oggy, oogy.

Cuddy: It fits the symptoms perfectly.

House: It’s certainly one possibility. What about the aspergillus fungus we found under the sink?

[Cuddy picks up the x-ray.]

Cuddy: What sink?

[House dumps a tissue in the garbage.]

House: You ought to clean your bathroom better.

Cuddy: You broke into my house?

House: No, that would be wrong. I had a key.

Cuddy: You had no right to invade my privacy. There was no medical reason for that whatsoever. And there was certainly no moral reason for it.

[She looks at the x-ray as she’s talking and notices something.]

Cuddy: Oh damn. You’re right. The focal consolidation makes fungal pneumonia far more likely.

House: You’re right I’m right. On the bright side, it has the advantage of keeping you totally responsible.

Cameron: The treatment for aspergillus is amphotericin. That’s hugely dangerous.

Cuddy: Yeah. Your point being?

House: Going the dangerous and aggressive route didn’t work last time. It’s bound to work this time. Start him on the amphotericin.

Humpty Dumpty, S2

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