House: My patient is allergic to quinine. [Cuddy turns on the light and sits up.]

Cuddy: And you got this from bubbles?

House: The symptoms started two months ago. It’s also when Brock started downing gin and tonics like a Brit staving off malaria. The gin was fake. The tonic was real.

Cuddy: And tonic water is loaded with quinine. Huh. Nice job.

House: You should’ve been fired.

Cuddy: I’m taking back the TV.

House: I saved his life.

Cuddy: That wasn’t the deal.

House: The contract clearly stated no takesy backsides.

Cuddy: Good night, House.

House: What are you wearing?

Cuddy: Good night, House.

House: Good night, Cuddy.

Living The Dream, S4

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