Icons: Season 5

20 House (season 5)
21 The Vampire Diaries (spoilers!)
26 Actresses: Candice Accola, Nina Dobrev, Rachelle Lefevre, Shay Mitchell

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Review: 8x13 Caveman of the House

Here's my review of this past Monday's episode, "Man of the House"

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Important! Let House survive!

Hugh Laurie ... was reportedly ready to accept a pay cut to come back despite saying earlier he was ready to move away from television. Ratings have dropped, however remain really good for a show in its eighth season, said Fox. "
"the network ... wanted to see a cut in the license fee before considering renewal. Fox also was only willing to commit to a final 13-episode season instead of the 22 shows that Universal TV wanted."
Insiders say House MD could have had one more year - National House M.D. | Examiner.com 

"Let me state, publicly and unequivocally, that I love my job, and work much harder at it than most journalists work at theirs."
Laurie: 'I'm not sick of House' | TV | Entertainment | Toronto Sun 

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Vid: Cat's in the Cradle (House/Sherlock/Fortysomething crossover)

Title: Cat's in the Cradle
Artist: Harry Chapin
Fandom: House/Sherlock/Fortysomething
Summary: In the beginning, there was Sherlock Holmes. And Holmes brought forth the brilliant doctor House, embodied by the lovely Hugh Laurie. Who prior to that in Fortysomething played a slightly less brilliant doctor, Paul Slippery, who begat three sons, the eldest of which was played by the equally-lovely-if-somewhat-peculiarly-named Benedict Cumberbatch. Who of course grew up to play Sherlock. And the Universe looked upon its work and pronounced it good. And then my head exploded.
Possible spoilers for: House to S7, Sherlock including S2, all of Fortysomething
Thanks: to [info]evila_elf for repeated previewing and to my f-list for being awesome.
Notes: My first multifandom vid. I actually started this before news of House's cancellation broke, but in a way it seems a fitting tribute to two - really three, if you include the original canon - of my most influential fandoms, past, present and future. I love Sherlock for many of the same reasons I love House, so the father and son connection was irresistible. And in some sheltered corner of my brain, entirely divorced from reality, I almost... kind of... believe it *g*

direct youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXpyCa9IcEM (blocked in Australia and NZ)
alternative vimeo direct link: http://vimeo.com/37043737
embedded: at my journal

Comments/feedback much appreciated :)

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Review: 8x12: Chase Versus God

You can read my review here...

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Vid: Cuddy/House/Wilson (Hilson, Huddy, and Wuddy) - Three

Title:  Cuddy/House/Wilson (Hilson, Huddy, and Wuddy) - Three
Pairing: Cuddy/House/Wilson
Song: Three
Artist: Britney Spears

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House M.D. Project


Video Documentary/Commentary

A AleTheHOUSEwife, NCISmelanie and Katrindepp Video Project

Powered and Produced by HouseDailyDose

[H]OUSE fans, our show is coming to an end: this is the right time to be part of something memorable for us all and for the House cast and crew. That is why we are asking for your participation in the HOUSE MD SERIES FINALE PROJECT, a video commentary to the show.

What is a video commentary? It’s a fanvid, which is what we have loved to do all these years, but with the addition of music and your voices.

So, what makes House special to you? What will you remember the show for?

Tell us by answering our questionnaire (found here: http://thehousemdproject.tumblr.com/) and send the recording to TheHouseM.D.Project@gmail.com.

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[01-05] House (Allison Cameron)
[06-07] Jennifer Morrison

[08-23] Grey's Anatomy (spoilers for 8x13. If/Then)

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Review: Nobody's Fault, 8x11--Tumor Ex Machina

You can find my review here...

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House M.D. Sub-specialties

All of the characters have their chosen sub-specialties. Why do you think they chose them?

House - Infectious Disease and Nephrology
Wilson - Oncology
Cuddy - Endocrinology
Foreman - Neurology
Chase - Intensive Care
Cameron - Immunology
Thirteen - Internal Medicine
Taub - Plastic Surgery
Kutner - Sports Medicine
Adams - ?
Park - Neurology

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House Convention?

In the Live Chat that Barbara Barnett hosted following "Better Half," there were many that expressed interest in a House convention. Does anyone know how fans might go about setting one up?

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Review: Runaways 8x10, Better Half 8x09

These are my highly opinionated reviews of Runaways and Better Half (I started writing about the former, and ended up ranting about the latter as well).

The chemistry between House and Wilson seems gone

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Review: "Better Half"

Not sure how many people here will be interested, but I've posted a review of "Better Half" here. This review focuses specifically on the asexuality side story. There are spoilers, so don't click through if you're trying to avoid them.

Additionally, if anyone has any questions about asexuality, feel free to ask. I do a (semi-) regular series of posts answering questions about it, and have a Formspring account set up specifically for that purpose where you can ask me anonymously, if you want. Please be respectful. I may not get to them right away (I'm about to go out for a while), but I will post the answers as soon as I can.

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Hugh Laurie and Jennifer Morrison Icons


Video: House/Wilson - Sort Of

Title: Sort Of
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG
Song: Sort Of
Artist: Ingrid Michaelson
Note: This vid was inspired by the responses I received to this post: http://house-wilson.livejournal.com/4608935.html and by other posts like it, past and present.

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Bits of House / Bits of Wilson

Icons from Bits Of... communities so far for season 8.


[10] Transplant
[12] Risky Business
[15] Parents
[03] Parents - Christmas

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25 Hugh Laurie
11 Jennifer Morrison
24 Once Upon A Time
2 Holiday

7 Text (House quotes)

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[25] icons from House, Pan Am, Buffy, and Doctor Who.

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12 House/Hugh Laurie Icons


new stuff

more icons and banners @kadddl

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