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Razorblades And Bandaides - A House/Wilson Fanmix

Here is a fanmix I made dedicated to the final House/Wilson arc in House MD's final season. A little lovely, a little bit dark, a lot of bittersweet. Full mix with download links over at my journal. Enjoy! :)

Razorblades And Bandaides

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(23) House icons in a multifandom post (+ Downton Abbey, The Good Wife, Misfits)



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Elak Varg [DELETED user]
Вроде в этом сообществе такой записи ещё не было... Давайте соберём как можно больше упоминаний Хауса в других сериалах, фильмах и книгах (за исключением сетевой литературы)

Получивший по голове Дин отказывается от предложенного Сэмом лечения и называет его Хаусом.
Torchwood (1х13):
Оуэн называет Хаусом медика, не верящего в то, что он столкнулся с настоящей чумой.
Быков косплеит Хауса.
Кокс косплеит Хауса.


House Finale Review


Review: 8x20 Post-Mortem "Ferris Wilson's Day Off"

My review can be found here:

At my journal

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Doctor Scruffy McCane and Jimmy 'the wonder boy' Oncologist celebrate the end of House

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[20] House Icons


Review: 8x19 "The C-Word"

Here is my latest review, complete with a LOT of pictures!

At my journal

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Photo from "Post Mortem": Note the clothes

I snagged a photo from "Post Mortem."  It was HQ but it wouldn't fit in my journal, that way, but it's still large.  You can see my entry here.

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Review: 8x18 "Body and Soul"

It's so lonely over here...

My latest screed at my journal

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Chase animated mood theme

Robert Chase - House, M.D. Animated Mood theme



Preview and Download Links HERE @ pinkuro

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Review: 8x17 "We Need The Eggs

You can find my latest screed here.

At my LJ

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New Book: Fandom At The Crossroads: Celebration, Shame Etc.

There is a detailed book on fandom (it's about another show), that's so in-depth that I urge fans to take a look at it on Amazon.  I'm not advocating buying it.  But Chapter 17, "The Reciprocal Relationship: The Producer And The Fans" will resonate with so many fans I had to pimp looking at it.  Mods, take this post down if it is inappropriate.

Here at Amazon

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Review: 8x14 "Love Is Blind" Has A Tin Ear

This review was a tad slapdash.

Pardon me while I scream

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Review: 8x15 "Blowing The Whistle"

Here's my review of "Blowing The Whistle." I didn't realize I hadn't posted the previous review for "Love Is Blind," which shall also go up.

Shattering truths

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20 Icons for tv20in20


Hugh Laurie Icons


Delete if not allowed. . .

It's an icon challenge community where you may make 1 or more claims from any History, Drama, Comedy TV show/ Film or anything else from that Fandom/Universe. . .

. Your claim can be as detailed or as general as you like.

. Each day a new theme will be posted and you will have up to 48 hours to submit your icon (stills and animations accepted) to the "Themed Post". After 48 hours, the "Theme Post" will be closed.

. You have 365 days to complete 100 icons. You may skip a theme if you wish. But you must have 100 icons at the end of 365 days or you will recieve no banner and your username will not be added in the list of the Hall of Fame.

Please come down and join in the fun! xD I can't wait to see you guys over there. You are some of the most awesome icon markers on LJ!! xD

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